Our passion is to design simple bags.

The story of Owliebags started in summer 2013. Jenni, the founder of Owliebags, wanted to have a light, petite and good-looking city bag which is easy to wear when cycling around the city. Jenni had used drawstring gymsacks when studying in the US and decided to make one for her own use in her hometown Turku, Finland. With help of Jenni's mom, who has made her career as a dressmaker, Jenni learned sewing skills and designed first Owliebags collection.

In 2015, Jenni met Miia, the founder of Miiamaa Lifestyle. With the help of this professional and passionate yoga teacher, Jenni started to design yoga bag collection. Now in 2016, Owliebags has expanded to yoga bags. Yoga Owlie follows the look of Owliebags and offers functional yoga bag with simple Scandinavian design. 

All Owliebags are handmade in our hometown Turku, Finland by talented young sewers from employment program. Fabrics and other materials are purchased from local suppliers to support our surrounding community.